Online VS Offline Poker – Same Game, Different Tactics

     Online poker is something that every poker player is thankful for. With online poker, newbies can more easily learn to play poker as opposed to learning from an actual poker room and table.  Furthermore, playing in a casino takes time, money, and actual preparation as you will be playing there physically in the casino tables. So the difference is online versus offline, but how are each of these played? What factors work offline that does not matter in an online match? Read on and find out below.

 How it is Played Out in an Offline Poker Game

     First up poker players in an actual casino will be more than likely composed of older people. These are just their preferred game, face to face and brutal. Have you ever heard of the phrase “poker face”? That applies to face to face poker game only. You see in an offline poker game, players get so good at reading their opponents faces that they know what hand they are holding just from looking at their reactions this is why players need a “poker face” a face which betrays no reactions whatever the owner is feeling. So you will need to have your best gaming face forward and become unreadable so you do not betray your hand. Here in the real world, players can actually intimidate each other by maintaining eye contact and using body language and posture to appear threatening, attempting to have you slip so that you make a mistake. In short, how you act or react to the other players around you may help you win or lose. All the strategies will be happening inside your head, all the while trying to read reactions from other players via their eyes, facial reactions, and body language.

The Difference in Tactics in an Online Poker Game

        The most notable difference would be that you will not be able to read your opponents cards via their reactions, body language, and eye contact. There will be no intimidation because there is no one to be able to see you. On the plus side, you will not be intimidated as well, because they will not be able to see you on their side too. This is both good and bad news because if they cannot dish it out, you cannot do so as well. Furthermore, people tend to be friendlier in an online forum type of conversation. Another huge advantage of being an online poker player is the advantage of playing several tables at once. Although online poker is very fast paced, it could be a bit underwhelming focusing on just one table, so players often play on several tables at once. In an online website you also get some trial period and immediately go out in a baptism of fire. You can experiment with different sized tables, different hands, pokerqq, aa or jj and so on and so forth. This can be an advantage when you out and play with the pros.

     Choosing which one is for you us relative at best. When faced with the need to choose, a good start will be to try out both at first and then make that decision.