Play at Casino Online With Easy Sic Bo Method

Sic Bo, or “Tai/Sai” (Small and Big) is the most popular games among the Chinese gamblers. This game is getting quite popular as the best casino games online that offered with the live-dealer. Just like other casino games out there, Sic Bo in an ไฮโล ออนไลน์ that offers huge number of the bets that have got different house edges. Common Sic Bo strategy revolves over choosing the bets with the low house edge for increasing your winning opportunities. Let us review some of the strategies used by the players for playing Sic Bo at casino online.

House edge is casino’s benefit to secure the profit in a long run. It is a figure that actually makes gambling online the highly profitable industry. As the smart gambler, you must always avoid the bets with the high house benefit to minimize risk of losing. Since Sic Bo provide a wide variety of the bets to play at ทางเข้า ufabet, and every bet has got different house edge, the players may easily compute right if based on payout, however, if you are totally new to this game, it is easier to memorize which bets offer more benefit to you & which bets do not offer any benefit.

ไฮโล ออนไลน์

How it is played?

As Sic Bo is been played with 3 dices, outcome will be varied from three to eighteen. “Small” bet wins if total lies from 4 – 10 except if three dices show same number. In the same way, “Big” bet wins if total of 3 dices show number from 11 – 17 except if three dices show same number. Both the “Small” and the “Big” bets pay out even money & have the house edge of over 2.78%. Besides “Big” & “Small” bets, there are a few Sic Bo tables that have got even-money bet: the “Even” and the “Odd” bets. Just like “Big” and “Small”, the betting areas have got house edge of over 2.78% and the bets can lose if three dices turn same number.


Also, the even bets are suggested betting areas since they have lowest house edge, it means the players have highest winning opportunity in case they bet on the even-money area. Thus, the easiest betting strategy for the Sic Bo is that you must place the bet on your even-money areas like “Big” and “Small” and “Even” or  “Odd” as you have around 49% of the winning opportunity.


You must know which bets are having the high house edges. And one such bets is the “Two of Kind”. While you are betting on 2 individual numbers, in case 2 of 3 dices turn to be two numbers that you bet, you win the game.